UKED and EU Ecolabel licence holder, Lubrizol's Mick Wragg, Senior Global Product Steward, contributed to the discussion on the growing market for bio-lubricants.

The world consumes on average 40 million tons of oil and grease of mineral or synthetic origin. Almost 90% of current lubricants, particularly hydraulic fluids and greases, could be replaced by vegetable oil-based products, easily biodegradable and with a low toxicity.

Bio-lubricants are spreading in Europe: in Germany bio-lubricants already constitute a 15% market share. In Italy demand for vegetable oil-based products that use agricultural and food waste, is increasing.

The EU Ecolabel criteria for Lubricants guarantees a reduced impact on the aquatic environment and soil during use, minimises CO2 emissions, requires a high percentage of renewable raw materials, limits the use of hazardous substances, and guarantees a high technical performance (stipulated by a specific fitness for use criteria).

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