This is based on:

For Criterion 3b, the monthly measurements of the COD values from January 2016 to June 2016 at the final outflow of the Napier Waste Water Treatment plant to which the HBWS plant at Awatoto is connected. The method used was APHA 5220D which we have determined as being equivalent to ISO 6060 and the tests were conducted by Hills Laboratories - who are ISO 17025 accredited for this test method and are also ISO 17021 certified by JAS-ANZ (the equivalent of UKAS in the UK).

For Criterion 3c, evidence, both submitted and as a result of the UKED physical inspection of the HBWS scourer carried out on 27th April 2016, of the recovery of value from the grease arising from the scouring activity by sale as a chemical feedstock.