After a rigorous process of evidence gathering and consultation with interested stakeholders including 2 working group meetings, the revised criteria for these 5 detergent cleaning product groups were approved at a meeting of the Regulatory Committee of the EU Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) on 25th November 2016 in Brussels.  The revised criteria for Industrial & Institutional lLaundry detergents were not put to a vote and will be the subject of a written vote or be voted on at the March 2017 meeting of the EU Ecolabel Regulatory Committee.

The Regulatory Committee comprises representatives of the national governments of the European Economic Area (EEA).

The five sets of criteria will now go forward to the Council of the European Union for adoption. Once criteria are adopted they are published as a Commission Decision in the Official Journal (OJEU). It is at this point they become available for companies to apply against.

The draft criteria, technical reports and minutes of the working group meetings are available on the website below.

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