Coinciding with the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the EU Ecolabel, UK based interior textile designer and manufacturer Camira have been awarded the EU Ecolabel for their latest wool and polyester fabric launches.

Rivet, which was awarded the EU Ecolabel in January 2017, is made from 100% REPREVE®, a brand of recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles. Rivet celebrates Camira’s 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing recycled fabrics. 

Camira’s first EU Ecolabel accreditation originally came in 2011 for a collection of recycled polyester fabrics. They have since expanded their certificate to include 17 different product ranges and over 400 products. In addition to Rivet in 2017, Camira achieved certification for new fabrics Patina, Synergy, Synergy 170 and Individuo.

Launched in February 2017, Patina is Camira’s newest performance wool and flax blend available in 43 different colourways. Synergy is made from premium New Zealand wool and available in 75 shades. Panel fabric Synergy 170 is available in 24 carefully selected Synergy colours and Individuo has a fluid, graduated appearance where no two areas of the fabric are same. 

Paul Arnold, Sustainability Manager at Camira commented, “Sustainability considerations are at the heart of our design and manufacturing processes. We’re proud to have our developments in environmental innovation recognised by the EU Ecolabel, which allows textile specifiers to create fully certified fabric schemes for commercial interiors.”